Thursday, March 28, 2013

#SC01 Closing Remarks!

Tonight the Republican Party of South Carolina held the final debate between Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford. While both candidates have an impressive record of leadership, I believe that Bostic proved he is the best candidate to defeat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Bostic has a proven record of standing firm in conservative principles. We need to start sending good people like Curtis to Washington D.C. that say 'enough is enough' and start getting things done.

As Bostic said in his closing remarks, I am a fierce conservative.. I know how to build teams and bring people together around conservative ideals.. I know I'm Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, but I can do this."
Election Day is coming up soon, Tuesday, April 2, so get involved and show your support, #TrustCurtis!

If you missed the debate you can watch Bostic's closing remarks below..

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